About Nolybab Investments

Our History

Nolybab Investments is a privately held company incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Act, 2015 on 8th September 2017. The company was established by the shareholders as a vehicle to pool their resources and jointly venture into Investments, offer Business Consultancy and Investment Advisory services. Founded by a team of four who held various positions in the Kenyan Banking industry and multinational auditing firms, the companies’ footprint in the country is extensive in serving the micro, small and medium enterprises. Currently, the company’s active portfolio is in offering loans through its operating subsidiary Nolybab Credit and Business Consultancy. We have set a medium-term goal of venturing into Investment Advisory services.

Since its establishment, the company has built a profile as a trusted business partner offering customer-centric financial services. We are passionate in our work and collectively have a key focus on creating an impact to the un-bankable MSMEs. The company stakeholders and the Management team have created a seamless financial system that promises a responsive turn-around-time in the delivery of our services. We are active in listening and delivering our services.

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