7 reasons lenders reject loan applications

  1. Bad credit history. whereas “bad credit” is typically pooled into one, there are varying levels of unhealthy credit. as an example, you will not have defaulted on any loans or credit cards, however, you may have applied for plenty of loans within the past. Check your credit score to examine wherever you stand before applying.
  2. Insufficient financial gain. The investor can’t approve your application if they notice that your financial gain won’t sustain your monthly repayments. Lenders typically have a minimum financial gain you wish to earn so as to be eligible for the loan, thus check the eligibility criteria. If not, calculate what repayments you’ll have to be compelled to build and if these are manageable on your financial gain.
  3. Dubious loan purpose- make certain you’re ready to finance what you wish to with the loan you’re applying for. several loans keep company with restrictions on however the funds may be used. as an example, secured loans will solely be secured by bound assets, associate degreed automobile loans typically have an age restriction on the vehicle your getting. Also, if your investor finds out that your loan purpose isn’t credible, your probabilities of loan rejection can be quite high.
  4. Incorrect details. Lenders can typically verify the main points you set in your application, and that they might reject your application if they notice inconsistencies.
  5. Unstable employment or insufficient employment history. lenders are terribly meticulous concerning the steadiness of your job. quite a range of lenders insist that you simply ought to have a stable job, otherwise, they’ll reject your loan.
  6. Too many loans- If you’re presently holding many loans, this might provides an investor cause to reject you.
  7. The low price of secured assets. a lot of lenders have restrictions on the sort of quality you’ll be able to use as collateral for a secured loan, thus if your quality doesn’t meet these needs your loan can be rejected.

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